Internship: Biotech Students in US

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In November 2018, two outstanding students of School of Bio-technology at Tan Tao University, Le Tam Vy and Nguyen Thi Thuy Nhung have the opportunity to participate in the Student Trainee Program under the guidance of many Doctors in Bio-technology which lasts three months in the United States of America. They are currently studying and working in the most fully- equipped and advanced laboratory to do research in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at MC Govern Medical School, Texas, America.

At MC Govern Medical School, beside daily routine of working and studying, Tam Vy and Thuy Nhung are also experiencing many exciting extra-curricular activities such as The Journal Club and Lunch Talks among international students. In addition, they are joining in many seminars and presentations to share research results and update academic news by famous scientists.

The most unique and special thing that Tam Vy and Thuy Nhung experience is the self-service area within MC Govern Medical School. That room has a very friendly name: “It’s for you”- the place where our students recover energy after spending time in the laboratory. They said: “At MC Govern Medical School, everyone is very nice and devoted to show us around the school and help us adapt to the new environment”.

Let’s follow our students to discover and learn more about MC Govern Medical School as well as the beauty of the United States of America. We hope that Tam Vy and Thuy Nhung will gain a lot of useful working experience to help you succeed more in the future.


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