Dr. Nguyen Minh Nam

Dr. Nguyen Minh Nam had been awarded for his Ph.D degree by Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea in Biomedicine in 2016. After receiving Ph.D degree, He services as a Research Professor at the same Kyung Hee University (2016 – 2017) and then moved to Yale University, United State (2017 – 2019) to work as the same position in Biomedical research. He has an extensive academic background in biological sciences combined with strong practical work experience in basic and translational research, especially in Cancer biology fields. By using Bigdata analysis and Machine learning tools, he established several novel prognostic gene signatures for diverse Cancer diseases such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and glioma which would help to develop adjuvant therapeutic strategies for Personalized cancer treatment and provide a new insight to elucidate cancer heterogeneity in both genetic and epigenetic aspects. Currently, he is focusing on developing the bone-specific adjuvant therapies that are designed to disrupt adaptation of metastatic breast cancers and to prevent the inflammatory conversion of quiescent bone cells before extensive colonization takes place in the skeletal compartment.